Don Maslet Tuneable French Horn Mute

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Don Maslet Tuneable French Horn Mute

Don Maslet French Horn Tuneable Mute

  • - Adjustable tuning
  • - Open low register
  • - Responsive high register
  • - Sturdy construction
The Don Maslet French Horn tuneable mute is a market leading straight mute that has an open low register and a very responsive top range for a affordable price.
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
I bought this mute just before Christmas and I'm very happy with it so far. It seems very well made and does a good job across the whole range.
David E.
Shopping Satisfaction
This mute goes quite well with my Alexander 103. I am happy with the intonation and sound colour. It doesn’t project as well in louder dynamics but is great for softer playing.
Michal E.
Shopping Satisfaction
The Don Maslet mute is incredibly good value for money, on a par with the leading brands giving a rich and present tone right across the range. Quite simply the best buy I've ever made on equipment.
Dean Foley.