Denis Wick French Horn Mouthpieces

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£ 51.80
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Denis Wick French Horn Mouthpieces

Denis Wick French Horn Mouthpieces

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  • Available in Silver and Gold-plated finishes
Size Rim Width Depth Internal Diameter Bore
4 5.0mm Deep 18.0mm 4.7mm
4N 3.93mm Deep 18.0mm 4.7mm
5 4.95mm Medium Deep 17.5mm 4.6mm
5N 3.9mm Medium Deep 17.5mm 4.6mm
6N 3.88mm Medium Deep 17.25mm 4.5mm
7 4.5mm Medium Deep 17.0mm 4.5mm
7N 3.85mm Medium Deep 17.0mm 4.5mm

The Denis Wick classic french horn mouthpiece is very responsive and easy to play. It has excellent flexibility and a rich tone.

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