Alexander Model 103 Full Double French Horn

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Alexander Model 103 Full Double French Horn

Alexander Model 103 Full Double French Horn

  • - Medium bell
  • - Lacquered
  • - Gold brass
  • - Mouthpipe water key
  • - Reversible thumb valve
  • - Nickel valve casings
  • - Brass rotors
  • - Miniball lever action
  • - Fixed bell

Serial Number

  • N/A


This horn does show signs of repair, but for the right person, it is an instrument that still has a lot to give.

A slightly older example of the 103, it has old style valve linkages, a 'bent style' branch, and a pre-badge logo, all of which indicate a horn produced sometime in the 1950's-60's.

There have been some major patches added to this horn, notably on the top of the instrument at the start of the bell branch, on the very bottom of the horn, and around the flare/main stay area, where from the inside you can see there was previously a small hole put in the instrument.

These repairs have not been carried out by Paxmans, although they don't seem to be affecting how the horn plays too much - it makes the classic 'old' Alexander sound. Valve compression is good in all but the 2nd valve, which is slightly lacking, although again, this is having very little effect on how the horn plays when using the second valve.

Overall, a slightly worn but clearly much loved instrument with an old, warm sound that is suprisingly fluid to play.

Any purchaser may wish to consider slightly altering the current thumb valve and finger hook set up - this could be easily done by any qualified repairer.

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