Alexander 104 GD lac #4433

(Code: 3HN-AL104-4433)
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Alexander 104 GD lac #4433

Pre-Owned Alexander Model 104 Full Double French Horn with stopping valve on both F and Bb horns

  • - Lacquered
  • - Gold brass
  • - Mouthpipe water key
  • - Two thumb levers
  • - Brass rotors
  • - Detachable bell
  • - F(E-+)/Bb(A-+)

Serial Number

  • 4433


Very good condition Alexander 104 with stopping facility on both the F horn and the Bb horn.  Also possible to remove the slide legs on the stopping slides to allow the horn to play in E and A.

There is quite a bit of lacquer wear and the flare has had creases and dents professionally taken out.

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